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You Are the Light of the Stars (2018)
for women's choir SSAA, vln, pno; 5’
2017 ACDA Women's Choir Consortium Commission

Lethe (2017) 
for choir SATB; 5’

Gold and Thorns, Fire and Ice (2016) 
for voices STTTBB; 5’
Commissioned by Singer Pur

It is Enough (2016) 
for voices STTTBB; 4’
Commissioned by Singer Pur

Seikilos (2011) 
for women’s choir & three soprano soloists; 3’
Commissioned by Phillip Swan and Cantala

Shining Light (2009) 
for women's choir or voices SSSA; 6’
Commissioned by Canty

Ego dilecto meo (2002) 
for voices STTTBB; 3’
Commissioned by Singer Pur

Il nome del bel fior (1998) 
for voices SATTTTTBBB; 23’
Funded by a Composer Fellowship from the North Carolina Arts Council for Singer Pur and the Hilliard Ensemble

Earlier Heaven (1996) 
for choir SSAATTBB; 20’
Commissioned by the Scottish Arts Council and Cappella Nova

Kyria christifera (1995) 
for voices STTTBB; 6’
Commissioned by Singer Pur

Music for the Star of the Sea (1994) 
for voices ATTB; 8’
Co-winner, Hilliard Composition Prize



I Am the Other One  (2017) 
for soprano and piano; 4’
from In Your Dark House

The Lord of Poisons  (2017) 
for soprano and piano; 3’
from In Your Dark House

Darkening of the Light (2016) 
for soprano, cl, vla, perc, piano; 6’
Commissioned by Margaret McNeal and Jon Hanrahan for LILITH

The Time Song (2003) 
for soprano & saxophone quartet; 4’

Tempus fugit (2003) 
for soprano and piano; 4’
Commissioned by The Year of William Meredith Organizing Committee

Doom-begotten Music (2001) 
for tenor and piano; 24’
Commissioned by John Potter



La Serenissima (2006)
(Orphans of the Heavenly City, Pt. 2)
for sopr, soloists TTB & orchestra; 20’

The waters of speech are silent (2006)
for wind ensemble; 9’
Commissioned by a consortium of six CBDNA wind ensembles

Doom-begotten Music (2003)
for tenor and string orchestra; 24’
Commissioned by John Potter



The Vast Unknowable (2017)
for soprano saxophone; 6’
Commissioned by Joseph Connor

Ephemera (2014)
for flute octet; 7’
Commissioned by Erin Lesser and the Lawrence Flute Ensemble

Floating and Grooving (2003)
for marimba; 9’
Commissioned by Nancy Zeltsman

String Quartet No. 1 (2000)
for string quartet; 17’
Commissioned by the Ciompi Quartet

Proserpine (1997)
for violin, two violas, accordion; 11’
Commissioned by The Netherland-America Foundation

riverrun, past Eve and Adam's... (1996)
for five-octave fortepiano; 11’
Commissioned by Jan-Marc Reichow

Deux-pièces (1994)
for violin; 7’

Blind Watchmaker (1993)
for two pianos; 13’



Ka (1990) 
for extended voice/fixed media; 4’